Best Hotel tips to stay there

Best Hotel across America are taking advantage of social media to get the word out about their properties. Are they really effective? Or do they just want to promote themselves over other hotels? Let’s take a look at some tips for staying at great hotels…

Research best hotels

best hotels
Best hotel tips

Before you book, check reviews online or ask friends and family. It is also worth checking with travel agents or comparing the rates of different websites like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.

Pick Your Hotel:

If you have decided on your destination and type of accommodation, choose a hotel that meets your needs.

Stay Social:

Check out the hotel’s Twitter account and Facebook page as well as its website (if available). These will give you an idea of what the property has to offer and who it caters to.

Book Online:

Many sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, TripAdvisor and Hotel Tonight make booking easy and often offer deals too.

Ask For A Discount:

If you see a good deal somewhere else, be sure to mention it in your reservation request. You may even be able to negotiate a better rate!

Make Reservations Early:

The earlier you reserve the cheaper the room will be. Also, don’t forget that hotels fill up quickly so try to make reservations early if possible.

Have Fun!

While you’re there stay hydrated by having a few drinks – after all you’ll need them to combat jet lag! And be sure to bring a camera because the rooms are beautiful!

Don’t Miss Out On Freebies:

Most hotels include free Wi-Fi access in their rooms but you might find a welcome amenity like a bottle of water or fruit basket. This can help keep you refreshed when you first arrive.

Pack Lightly:

When packing wear comfortable shoes and pack clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty (for example comfy jeans and a t-shirt)! Bring items that can easily be washed before returning home.

Be Flexible:

No matter how hard you plan ahead, things always go wrong. So, expect the unexpected and be ready to roll with whatever comes your way.

Get Lost In The City:

Once you’ve checked into the hotel, head out exploring. Staying close to your hotel means spending more money on transportation costs. So, explore nearby attractions and restaurants and strike while the iron is hot.

Remember To Save Money:

Even though the trip has been expensive in terms of airfare, eating out and souvenirs you should still manage to save money. Look for discounts through local tourist boards or simply use cash instead of credit cards.

Relax With Room Service:

After a long day of traveling you may feel like going straight to bed. But, instead order room service and enjoy a nice meal in your room. It’ll help you relax and unwind.

Keep Track Of Expenses:

As mentioned above, you should budget for expenses such as eating out, shopping and souvenirs. Keeping track of these expenditures helps ensure you spend less than planned.

Use what you’ve learned:

Now that you’ve returned home from your trip, reflect back on everything you learned. Did anything surprise you? Would you do anything differently next time?

Start Planning Again:

Take a break from planning another vacation and focus on other aspects of life.

Avoid Getting Sick:

Make sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water to avoid catching any bugs while away.

Do Something New:

Whether it’s learning a new skill or taking part in a culture vulture tour, try something new during your next vacation!

Stay Social:

Find ways to connect with people back home. Maybe you could meet up with friends or family in person. Or maybe you could start an online group where travelers share ideas and tips.

Enjoy Your Time Home:

Before leaving for your next vacation make sure you have everything taken care of at home. Pay bills, clean the house, organize receipts, etc. Try not to leave anything behind until you return from your upcoming vacation!

In Conclusion

Vacationing is one thing…but creating memories is what makes it truly worth it. Make sure to capture every moment of this experience in some form. From photographs to videos to audio recordings, don’t miss a single memory.